We are back … (News from us)

We are back … (News from us)

30. April 2021 2 By JWS

After 25 days we are back from our world tour … Some of you observed that our AIS signal gets closer to the point, where we started and we told you already on Instagram that something is wrong a few days ago. We are back and Deep Blue is again moored at the sea lock of Nieuwe Statenzijl, where we started 25 days ago.

On April 1st, full of anticipation on the one hand, but also in mourning farewell, with tears in my eyes, waving, leaving family and friends behind; On this day, I didn’t think it would be over so fast.

We traveled three weeks through the Dutch inland the “Staande Mastroute” and made only 274 nautical miles (over 500 km).

Unfortunately, Vera’s health problems have worsened. We can not continue the journey like this. We have to break off the trip. Or is it just an interruption?

Now we are waiting for the doctor’s visits and therapeutic approaches and hope to get back on our feet quickly.

There were also wonderful days in the Netherlands. I will give you a report of this as soon as I have settled down a bit. You can imagine that it was difficult for us to decide to cancel. What’s now coming is not easier …

Should Deep Blue set off again, I will inform you here and on Instagram and you can see it on the AIS map …

See you soon.
All the best, Jan

Deep Blue in Nieuwe Statenzijl
Navionics Screenshot Ems-fairway
This rustic board wanted to be with us for the next 4 years and remind us how long we’ve been on board. In expectation our journey will take longer than 999 days I installed a fourth hook for some extra days.