How do you eat an elephant?

How do you eat an elephant?

23. March 2021 6 By Vera Severiens

„Papa Boat“ – this is Kaatjes new sentence for a couple of week now. Her pronunciation is getting better and better and Jans days on the boat are getting longer and longer. And that’s good. We are setting sails in 11 days time and there is still so much to do. 

To prepare a sailaroundtheworld trip is like eating an elephant… How do you master this huuuuuuuge amount of work? Where do you start? What is perfectionism? Where can others help? What does it mean to be ready? … there is only one way to eat an elephant: in small pieces. And that’s how we’ve done it. One ToDo after the other. A peculiar phenomenon in our preparations was, that in the beginning our ToDo list didn’t get shorter but longer. With every task we mastered two new ones popped up. It was as if for every step forward we had to make two backwards. Sounds frustrating? Well… yes it was.

But no worries, it was’n to bad. What actually happened was that we gained more structure and details became clearer. Here is a tiny glimpse in our ToDo lists:

Boatwork: solar panels have to be measured, bought and installed, the wind generator has to get up and running, install a second generator, buy new batteries and find a good place for them, do all the research on necessary installations, fix sails, build shelves, attach new anchor, install the day tank, exchange diesel pipes, check and replace sea cocks…

what else: vaccinations, box all our belongings and store them at the parents in law, make a packing list, plan the route, find and collect useful apps, books and map material, follow the news on COVID, learn to use the new camera, make the homepage, YouTube channel and Instagram account look nice, write to potential sponsors, buy, label and pack medication, collect and pack medical equipment and necessary reading, put together all of Kaatjes toys and clothes for the next four years and pack it in her tiny backpack…

Long list? Jan made a word document with all ToDos and it’s 27 pages long!!!!! He subdivided it into priority 0 – 3. You won’t believe it, but most of the tasks are checked as done already 😀 Well, Jan has spend the last 8 months working non stop to make our new home fit for sailing around the world. And he’s done an amazing job! Soon we will take you on a tour in one of our next YouTube videos, so you get a visual glimpse into our elephant 😉

Over the last couple of weeks I received some questions about the Hows and Whats in living on a boat. It is not quite the same as living in a city apartment. So in my next blog post I’ll try and answer some of these questions. If you are interested in anything around the topic ‚how to live on a boat‘ please leave you questions in the comments below. We love your comments by the way 🙂 they are a wonderful connection home. 

See you sometime out there.