Wind, Waves and Mackerels

Wind, Waves and Mackerels

16. July 2020 8 By Vera Severiens

382 sm, our first cruise with Deep Blue. We transferred our new home from Lauterbach (on the island of Ruegen) to Bad Nieuweschans in the Netherlands and have her now close to where we live until the big voyage starts. It took us 8 days. 7 days at sea, 2 nights at anchor, winds up to force 50kn with 2m waves, we fished and ate mackerels and got quite some maintenance work done (you think we would start our repairing work with the most important thing… and yes we did. I spare you the details, just so much: Jan and the waste-holding tank are on a first name basis now 😉 look out for our you tube video for details!!)

It was a perfect cruise to get to know our new boat with strong wind and lots of waves. We could try out our mainsail and genoa and in lighter wind we could even get out the beautiful blue gennaker. And through the Kiel-Canal we could test the engine for 10 hours straight. The first week our crew was completed by Jens, a friend and experienced sailor from Berlin. In Cuxhaven he left us and Gerd Jelto, Jans brother, came aboard. Gerd is a true fisherman and had the fishing rod out on day two. After 30 minutes our dinner was gut and washed and ready to be cooked. Mackerel 🙂 delicious and super easy to prepare. Perfect!

For our little girl, our Kaatje, the trip was a fun experience too. She was all excited and curious when her bed in the front cabin jumped up and down. On a boat it’s in the front where you feel the movement and weather most. When Deep Blue moved through the water in a bank angle due to the strong winds I lied down with my back to the side of the the boat and Kaatje slept cozily with her back to my front. It is a peculiar feeling when you hear (or better feel) the waves crash and you realize that there are only 4cm of plastic between you and the raging sea. Changing diapers, cooking meals and doing the dishes in this heavy swell is quite an experience. I learned everything is possible, but takes much more time 🙂 

But I want to be honest. It was hard and I missed my sofa, my nonmoving bathroom and our back garden where Kaatje can play and move around freely and where my life is quiet and structured. It is difficult to imagine a life on a little boat, always moving, where everything is wet when it’s raining outside, where I have to think twice when I open the fridge, because even that has it’s dangers in a heavy swell… Do we really want that? —- When we anchor in calm bays, sit with friends and enjoy a good meal and listen to the quiet lapping of waves looking at deserted beaches then we know this is the right thing. When Kaatje gets all squeaky about the seagulls and ducks and tries to imitate there calls, I realize how special this lifestyle is and how wondrous the life ahead of us. My heart gets quiet and I’m in awe about how beautiful God has made this world. We are excited to get out there and explore it.