Three… Two… One… MINE

Three… Two… One… MINE

11. June 2020 3 By Vera Severiens

Tired… it is 6:53 am and we’ve been on the road for 1h already – direction east. We got up this morning at 4:30 because today is the day! No, we are not setting sail yet.  So I should say today is almost the day. Our destination for today is Ruegen, an Island in the baltic sea. Here we will sign the sales contract for Deep Blue, a 40 feet Jeanneau Sun Odyssee DS – our boat, we found it!! 😀

Honey, how are you doing? – silence .. my husband isn’t the best in expressing his feelings 😉 he’s asking me back: „Do we REALLY want to do this?“ „yes“ I say. „We do.“ And my smile is confident.

A lot of things change when you own a boat and so many things to worry about. Port charges, insurance, maintenance, robbery… Our heads swim when we think about how big this is. It helps to focus on what we are planing. Yes it is expensive. But this boat will be our home. Who can say of themselves to live on a boat? With our new home we will round our beautiful blue planet, anchor in bays, swim in clear blue water, meet new people and cultures, eat fish we catch and tropical fruits…

And how am I doing? The message I send to our families reads: we will sign the contract today!!! attached are 5 emojis: party, fear, joy, exploding brain, mrs cool 😀 so my feelings are mixed.

We are doing it! Tonight we will be boat owners.

We did it. Contract is signed, the money is transferred, Deep Blue is ours. Wochenende bought a boat! I underestimated the emotions that are released. My thoughts tumble… it starts here. We will move on a boat, we will break camp in Hamburg, say good by to friends and family and sail around the world.  

Now all the preparation starts: Insurance, arrange Deep Blue into a home, cancel our rental contract, sell all the furniture, get the homepage in shape, test all the equipment on board, repair, change, renew… where to start? My whole body is humming with excitement, energy and drive. 

But first things first: buy a bottle of champaign, pack our bathing suits, arrive on board and say cheers. 

Check out the boat tab. Here are some facts and pictures of our new family member.