searching for a new home

searching for a new home

5. June 2020 0 By Vera Severiens

The most frequently asked question when talking about our plans to sail around the world is the following: „And when do you start?“ Our response: „as soon as we’ve got a boat :)“ The search for our new home for the next couple of years is the perennial issue at every dinner table – with friends, family and also in our little three room apartment in Hamburg (Germany). So luckily we are used to living small and to move from our home to a tiny nutshell won’t be to challenging. 

In October 2019 we have started to check out different boats. With our trips to different marinas our plans became more and more real to us. On board we imagined what it would be like to sail over the ocean, to sit in the cockpit watching the wind blowing in the sails and pulling us around the world. Or how to try to make supper in a small kitchen with 4 meter waves throwing the boat from left to right and how to keep Kaatje save.

The first boat we visited was a Feeling 39 di in Lemmer, NL – we say here ‚you never take the first you see‘ which was not hard with this one! Next was a Benneteau Oceanis 440 in Den Haag and after that we traveled all the way to Italy (Genova) where we took two days to check out a Comet Comar. Still not convinced Jan traveled to Florida (yes, we spared neither expense nor effort). Here he almost found our new home: a Scorpion 2. With Corona and other obstacles it was impossible to get the boat to Europe for us to start in time. So on we went with our search. Next stopp was Wedel (Hamburg Germany) and a custom-built aluminium sailing yacht and after that back to the netherlands (Makkum) where we checked out a Feeling 416 and a Catalina 42. In Lauwersoog (NL) we visited a Southerly 115 with lift keel…

You see we are quite the travelers. Jans mantra was: it doesn’t hurt to check it out, does it? And I start to understand how complicated it can be to find the perfect boat. With all these different boats we checked you can see how much our ideas and preferences changed during this whole process. It has to have a lifting keel – because we want to sail the waddensea after we come back – or is long keel with deeper draft safer in bad weather? Steal – great safety factor – or GFRP for less work? Length – 39f is easy one hand sailing, 46f means housing comfort and space for guests. Equipment – Do we want a boat ready to sailaway or do we buy something old and refit? The more boats we saw the more whens and ifs appeared. Luckily we were able to spend a lot of time with Jans family that lives close to the netherland border. Here you can have good and detailed discussions about boats with father and brother who are both skilled boatsmen while enjoying a good cup of tea and a cosy home. 

We haven’t found our home yet – Corona is a real travelinhibitor… But there is a sweet little jewel on a beautiful german island. As soon as tourists are allowed again we will grab kit, caboodle and mask and whiz east-northeast.